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Ronald Hall Jr.

Hi, My name is Ronald Benn Hall Jr., most know me as Ron or Ronnie. My parents are Gaylene & the late Ronald B. Hall, Sr., also known as "Oogie Mow". I'm an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation and I have a Dream of one day being a professional bullfighter.

I will always remember the day I wanted to become a bullfighter. On September 13, 2020, I was working in a school cafeteria, bull fighting came on the tv and it caught my attention. I don’t know what it was but since that moment, bull fighting was like a light calling to me. I have been alcohol free for two years and going strong!

Why do I fight bulls?

Well, I do it not only for myself, but I want to show others there are positive things out there. I want to show people that in my sobriety, I was able to chase my goals. All it takes is dedication and motivation to start living your dream!

I started working toward my dreams 4 years ago, this is my 2nd year fighting bulls. I am ready to work to get the next level. I have big dreams of one day walking down the alley way in Vegas for the Indian National Finals Rodeo, representing the Blackfeet Nation.

I fight bulls in memory and honor of my dad "Oogie Mow", who battled cancer for many years. You will always see me in blue war paint, ready for battle, for my father.

I am just getting started, each day I am working to make my dreams come to light. Every time I lace up my cleats and feel the dirt underneath me, I know I can make a change, one day at a time.

Frustration fuels motivation!!

Thank you.

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