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Payton Lane is an inspiration not only to all of us at Hell’s Half, but to all who knew him. His unwavering courage and Faith is a reminder to us all just how precious each day is. Payton’s doctors were always amazed at Payton’s bravery and postivie outlook. Payton would tell his mother Andrea that when he was done with treatment, he was going to ride a bull. Payton would practice his bull riding form at the edge of his hospital bed and tell the doctors he was going to ride a bull. Payton is a legend in his time and an Indian Cowboy “MIO `OHKITOPI- RIDES HARD”

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“Payton was a warrior through so many adventures of his little, long life. His heart was pure, his love was unconditional, his bravery was immaculate, his courage gave the family hope every day to get up and do what was best not only for ourselves but for each other.
When Payton was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive skeletal cancer his strength, he showed was enormous. The doctors would hold nothing back at statements about his cancer so cold & bold without compassion for such a startling life matter. Payton would look at me like “Mom I got this let them say what they must, we know we serve a might living god.” His faith was large.
The summer of 2021 Payton attended a Sundance ceremony in Browning, Mt. On Blackfeet land where he said he felt spirits all around him the energy was great. He said he felt secure like he was being uplifted. He faithfully danced, sang, helped with the lodge, and breaking of camp. He said he felt renewed with energy to continue what he was set out to finish (chemotherapy).
We returned for Sundance summer of 2022 this time Payton earned his Indian name “Mio `Ohkitopi – rides hard” name giver Mr. Donald “Donnie” Fish, Blackfeet Elder. He told the story of how the spirits saw Payton “Mio `Ohkitopi Rides hard”, he is a warrior who is ready for a war party, riding hard toward his enemy, the cancer. The name fit him just the way he was, a warrior ready for battle with confidence, riding hard.”
-Andrea Weatherwax telling the story of “MIO `OHKITOPI- RIDES HARD”

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