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Marjon Beauchamp All-Native Tourney

Seattle, Washington


Roy Mad Plume

Blackfeet Nation

Roy Mad Plume is a distinguished Legacy Leader for the Our Ancestral Legacy Initiative, embodying the spirit and dedication of his ancestors while forging a path of excellence in his own right. From his early years, Roy has shown an exceptional commitment to his faith, family, education, and athletics, always guided by his personal motto: "God first, then family, then school."

As a freshman at Browning High School, Roy made an immediate impact on the varsity basketball team, the Browning Running Indians. His skill, determination, and leadership on the court quickly marked him as a standout player, earning the respect of his teammates, coaches, and community.

Royce Mad Plume


Royce Mad Plume, a proud member of the Blackfeet Nation, hails from Browning, Montana. An upcoming junior at Browning High School, Royce stands out not only as a dedicated student-athlete but also as a model of excellence and leadership. With an impressive 4.0 GPA earned during his sophomore year, he exemplifies the balance between academic achievement and athletic prowess.

Royce has been an integral part of the JV and varsity Running Indians basketball teams since his freshman year. As a dynamic player capable of filling any position on the court, he primarily excels as a power forward. His defensive skills are formidable, and he is a relentless force on the boards. Known for his high basketball IQ, Royce is an effective team leader, inspiring and guiding his teammates with his vision and playmaking abilities.

In addition to basketball, Royce is a remarkable three-sport athlete. He had an outstanding season as the varsity quarterback for the football team, showcasing his versatility and leadership on the field. His talents extend to track and field, where he has also achieved notable success.

Royce’s goals for the remainder of his high school career are ambitious yet attainable. He aims to maintain his academic excellence and athletic dominance, striving to lead his teams to the football playoffs and the state basketball tournament with aspirations of winning the championship. His growth mindset, winning attitude, and serious work ethic are key attributes driving his relentless pursuit of success.



Tristan Crawford

Oti toga heya aktaga

“Runs Before The Thunder"

“Tristan Crawford, a proud member of the Blackfeet Nation, hails from Browning, Montana. A dedicated student-athlete, Tristan is set to graduate in the Class of 2025. He plays as a center/forward for the Browning Running Indians varsity basketball team, where his height and skills make him a formidable presence on the court.

Maintaining a strong academic record with a 3.4 GPA, Tristan balances his high school education with general college courses at Blackfeet Community College (BCC). This dual enrollment not only showcases his academic dedication but also his commitment to advancing his education beyond high school.

Tristan's ambitions extend beyond the basketball court. He aims to continue playing basketball at the collegiate level while pursuing degrees in Computer Science and Media Arts. His dedication to both athletics and academics reflects his determination to excel and make a positive impact in his community and beyond.”

Noah Butterfly

Blackfeet Nation




Randy Running Rabbit Jr

A remarkable young athlete raised by Milyn and John Butterfly in a household steeped in athletic prowess. With a family comprising various athletes, Randy has been immersed in the world of sports from a young age. Despite his busy schedule, Randy maintains an impressive 3.2 GPA, demonstrating his commitment to academic excellence. Known for his polite demeanor and infectious smile, Randy brings positivity wherever he goes. As the youngest sibling among five, Randy embraces his role with enthusiasm and charm. On the sports field, Randy shines as a varsity athlete since his sophomore year, consistently averaging 3-6 steals per game. With a love for all sports and a strong bond with his family, Randy finds joy both on and off the field, embodying the spirit of athleticism and camaraderie.

Josh Skunkcap

Blackfeet Nation



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