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Tonaya Sinclair

Support Little Otter Woman's Journey to Miss Montana USA 2024-2025

Oki (Hello)!
My name is Tonaya Sinclair, known as "Little Otter Woman," Pooks-emonii-saa-kii, from
Browning, MT. I'm reaching out to share my excitement as a candidate for the upcoming Miss
Montana USA pageant for 2024-2025. Growing up in Montana, particularly within the beautiful
Blackfeet Tribe, has instilled in me a profound sense of pride in my heritage and a commitment
to my community.
As an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe, I've been raised with the values of our ancestors,
values that emphasize the importance of community, resilience, and compassion. It's with this
spirit that I've chosen to make my platform about raising awareness and prevention efforts for
suicide in Montana, as well as advocating for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
(MMIW) campaign. These issues have deeply impacted our community, and I am dedicated to
bringing attention to them on a larger scale.
Moreover, I aspire to be a positive role model for children, showing them that with dedication
and hard work, they can achieve anything they set their minds to. My journey hasn't been
without its challenges, but I believe that overcoming obstacles only makes success sweeter.
Beyond the pageant, my ambitions lie in cosmetology. I plan to attend cosmetology school in the
fall with the goal of eventually opening my own shop. It's my dream to use my skills to help
others feel confident and empowered. Having experienced the loss of a loved one to suicide, I'm
passionate about supporting those struggling with mental health issues and ensuring they know
they are not alone.
I come from a family deeply rooted in our Blackfeet heritage. My parents, Tony and Jodi
Sinclair, Sr., both work for the Blackfeet Tribe, and their dedication to our community inspires
me every day.
As I prepare for the pageant, I am seeking sponsorship and donations to help cover expenses
such as travel, gowns, accommodations, hair, and makeup. Your support would mean the world
to me as I embark on this journey.
Thank you for considering supporting me on this incredible endeavor. Together, we can make a
difference and showcase the beauty and resilience of Indigenous culture.
Woliwon (Thank you) in advance for your generosity and support. Please keep our state and our
people in your thoughts and prayers.
KIAKITAMATSIN (See you Later) <3
With gratitude,
Tonaya Sinclair "Little Otter Woman

Support Tonaya

Funds raised go directly to Tonaya and support her in becoming the first Blackfeet Miss Montana USA in our countries history!

Goal $4,000

$3,550 Remaining

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