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The Power of Land-Based Learning

Cultivating Wellness Through Cultural Connection

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Cultural Medicine

At Two Powers Land Collective, we believe in the power of land-based learning to promote wellness and intergenerational connectedness. Our initiative provides a unique approach to healing that is rooted in the land and the traditions of the Blackfeet people. Join us on our healing journey alongside our community who are cultivating wellness through land-based healing.

Our Services

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Traditional Medicine


Community Outreach & Events

Cultural Programming


Equine-Assisted Learning

Youth Resilience Programs

Land-Based Learning

Our Programs

Established in 2022, our non-profit organization, rooted in traditional kinship structure and matriarchal leadership, strives to enrich the lives of community members through culturally centered programming. Within our portfolio of community projects, we proudly present a diverse array of initiatives that embody the values of reciprocity and respect, fostering holistic wellness and cultural resilience.

PohnoKahMiita Academy Project
PohnoKahMiita Initiative

Focused on horse therapy and youth, as well as Indigenous Horse Cultural teachings. Youth oriented workshop including cultural teachings, obstacle courses, and horse care.

"Know his heart and he will know yours."

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