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Our Vision

Two Powers Land Collective is a Non-Profit organization that offers land-based learning initiatives and cultural wellness services. We are committed to restoring the connection between humans and nature by providing transformative experiences that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our programs are designed to encourage individuals and communities to heal and thrive in harmony with the natural world.


Returning to the Land

At Two Powers Land Collective, we offer low-barrier wraparound services to community members with complex needs, including mental wellness, substance use, homelessness, domestic violence, and trauma. We are dedicated to providing Elders, women, men, children, and youth with tools, teachings, and resources that support the journey to wellness. Our services specialize in providing strengths-based healing and wellness supports.

Braiding Sweetgrass


We aim to immerse ourselves in local environments, landscapes, cultures, languages, heritages, histories, teachings, practices, sacred sites, ecologies, stories, literatures, experiences, and relatonships.

Upper Two Medicine, Glacier National PArk


We strive to prepare our relatives to enter institutes centered around western ways-of-knowing with a critical lens and strong sense of identity. 

Buffalo Jumps, Two Medicine, MT


We walk with our relatives as they rebuild their relationships with the land and local community in ways that restore Indigenous ways of knowing.

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